Friday, January 28, 2005

Jan 28th

Hello everyone!
Thank God its Friday! I have 2 clients out this week, one had foot surgery done and the other one had an overnight stay in the hospital with minor female surgery. I want to say "GET WELL to both of them! They both are awesome ladies and workout really hard when they are with me and I love them both. Get back with me ASAP!! On another note its still cold as heck here in NJ and we may see more snow in the next few days. I got stuck last week in the gym parking lot and had 2 male friends come push me out...very stressful! Mustangs do NOT do well in the snow & ice. I will be spending my weekend training hard and doing some shopping in Delaware for more Home goods :) I love to shop!! I guess all women love to spend money! :) I just became a Team Labrada Rep for his nutrition line!!! Please take a minute to check out his website!! He has the BEST products and man they taste awesome!!!! I will keep you posted on where I will be going this year with my Team Labrada "Samples" I will be attending some bodybuilding contests out yummy samples of his bars and Protein drinks as well!! I really need to get some food in me now and take a nice LONG shower, its been a long day. Take care & Keep "pumpin!
xo Vicki

Monday, January 24, 2005

Jan 24th

Hello everyone!Its been a wild weekend here in NJ! We had lots of snow over the last 2 days and now its snowing again! We have about 9 or 10 inches on the ground now.I still went to the gym everyday and managed to do some shopping over the bridge in Delaware yesterday! There were cars sliding off the road all over. We have a nice big truck which does great in snow, thank goodness!! I had a client cancel tonight because of the weather so here I am home early filling you in on whats been happening here. I have been having some awesome workouts lately, getting sore everytime!! Yesterday I went to the gym with my hubby and did legs & cardio, there were not many people out because the roads were bad, so we had the whole gym to ourselves.I am limping around today. LOL! Hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy, I have been around a lot of sick people these past few weeks, somehow I have managed to stay well.It must be the lifestyle!:)Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think of the website and gallery!! It will keep getting better! You can purchase a membership to my Members Only site and see photos that will not be on my regular gallery and that will also be updated on a monthly basis!! Please keep coming back to visit!!
Until next time.....take care!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Jan 19th

Hi there! Its snowing here in NJ and BOY its cold!! I was training a client this morning at the gym and it started, we both were really happy to see it because we had both been wanting a little snow. It snowed enough to cover the ground and it looks really pretty.It didn't stop any of my clients from doing their sessions!! We are supposed to get more this weekend!! I love snow as long as its not to much to mess up driving, because I am NOT one to stay in longer than one day!!Wow..its hard to believe its almost the end of Jan.already!!! Our new home is looking really nice! We went and picked up our new furniture yesterday, and I bought new curtains and really warmed the place up :) I am training hard everyday and dealing with really BAD tendonitus in Both elbows....OUCH!!! I need to get back to my Dr. and get a few more injections. Until then I will just suck it up and do what I can. Its getting late and I need some serious sleep, I got NONE last night, my husband has a sleeping disorder which makes him jerk around in his sleep, we really need to get him some meds for that!! I don't know how he sleeps!! He is on midnights now and I will sleep much better tonight! Take good care and I will get back to you in a few days!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Jan. 14th

Howdy! Hope alls well with you all. I had a great day yesterday besides training my wonderful clients, I went furniture shopping with my hubby.We bought a great couch and 2 end tables with 2 really cool lamps! Its fun spending money on new stuff for a new home:) Today is a Friday...which means I have the weekend off from clients. I do other things on the weekends like....laundry,clean,get my nails done....all that OTHER stuff.I spend time with my 2 puppy dogs as well, they are so cute! Dasha is a tea cup toy poodle and Shelby is a miniature dashund(hotdog), I guess you could say they are my kids. Lap Dogs:) Little dogs don't make BIG mess's!! LOL! I like that part the best!! I have been adding links to my website and if you are interested in trading banners, Please e-mail me your info and I will get that to my webgirl!!I have so much fun with my website, it will just keep getting better, thanks to Colette Nelson!! Check out her awesome website! I am not getting much mail from you all out there in Interspace!! I would love to hear from you about whatever!!!! Well its time to go shopping again....this time for food and odds & ends.Take good care! Until next time, be safe & train hard!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Jan. 11th

Hi everyone,
I am loving our new home! I think this move was meant to be, it feels right. I am doing things everyday to make it feel and look more cozy. :) My husband & I had 2 really good guys to help us move on Friday, they got all the heavy furniture in for us and I would like to THANK them for that!!I can lift weights but bulky furniture is a whole other deal!! Thanks Guys!! I would love to hear from you out there in Interspace! Send me an e-mail and I promise to get back to you!! Let me know what you think about my website, I am open!!It will continue to change monthy, so keep coming back to see whats new!! Its about cardio time now, so you all take care and I will get back to you soon.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Jan.8th 2005

Hey there!!! We are in our new home at last!! We spent our first night here! Its a cozy place, and I think that we will have a lot of fun here for the next 6 years. In 6 yrs. my husband will retire from the police force and we will be living in sunny Palm Coast Florida :) Our dogs seem to be liking our new home as well, they now have a nice back yard to play in, the Apt. life was not for them....or me!! We have a 2 car garage that we will be keeping our Harleys in. My hubby has a Fat Boy and I have a 95th Anniversary Sportster, which I LOVE!!! It's all chromed out with a great custom leather solo Osteridge seat with fringe.of course!!!You can see part of it in my STORE,check out my photos for sale!! I also have my MEMBERS site up and running!! There you can see all types of photos that in the very near future will become VERY personal to me.On a training note: I am working HARD towards my 2005 goal of competiting in my FIRST PRO show in Texas, the "Europa" so I need to get to the gym now.I have my work cut out for me, not to mention I have tons of boxes to unpack!!!! Have a great weekend!!
Vicki :)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Jan. 5th 2005!!

Hello there!Well... I am 1/2 way moved in to my new home, I am sitting on the floor with no desk here yet! LOL! I am back to work with my clients whom I missed so much!! I had a great vacation, but I am VERY glad to be home and back in the groove.I should be all moved in by this weekend, with furniture :) I hope that you all had an awesome Holiday!! I am inbetween clients right now and I need to get some protein in my belly, so I will get back to you all tomorrow take good care and workout hard!! I know that I will!!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Jan.1st 2005

Happy New year! I hope that you all had a good one! We are back in Hilton Head SC with my mom & dad after an awesome week in sunny Palm Coast Florida. My hubby and I went to Daytona for the day on Tues.Dec.28th and enjoyed the weather and hours of shopping!! We made out on some GREAT deals!! On Wed. the 29th we went to St.Augustine and took in the beautiful sites there. If you are ever near St. Augustine, make sure you take a stroll down St. George's Street, it is sooo cool, with lots of unique shops. And if you're hungry, there is food galore!!!!!!! We are here in Hilton Head until tomorrow and leaving for NJ early in the morning. I will be back online with you hopefully by Tuesday, once we are all moved into our new home. Until then, keep those New Year's resolutions!! I made a few myself:)
Take care,