Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April 1, 2009

well here we are in April already! Update on my injuries are: 3 NEW blown disks in my neck and back...causing pain in arms and legs and feet. Good news is I am finally able to do LIGHT weights after 10 weeks of NOTHING!!!! I do cardio 4 days a week and my rehab exercises 3 I am not just sitting around by any means! lol! Besides I am not one to sit still very long anyway...I am always moving!! My rehab is now down to 1 day a week for adjustments and 4 days weights. My headaches FINALLY have slowed down to one a week and not the everyday events I was having. The DR put me on a med about a month ago that helps with far its helping. I am excited about our May trip to Florida! We are flying with our dogs with us in the cabin!!! NO MORE DRIVING for us ever again!!!!! The trauma the accident caused me is SO bad..I could NOT drive that far if I wanted to. The cost of us flying with the dogs is 700.00 compared to the 300.00 we used to spend driving...but its going to be well worth it!!! We will be there in 2 hrs instead of 15 hrs!! I will be going to the NY IFBB Pro show on May 16th which is 2 days before we head to Florida. There will be about 20 IFBB Pro ladies competing this yr in NY and I look forward to supporting them all!!!
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