Saturday, January 08, 2005

Jan.8th 2005

Hey there!!! We are in our new home at last!! We spent our first night here! Its a cozy place, and I think that we will have a lot of fun here for the next 6 years. In 6 yrs. my husband will retire from the police force and we will be living in sunny Palm Coast Florida :) Our dogs seem to be liking our new home as well, they now have a nice back yard to play in, the Apt. life was not for them....or me!! We have a 2 car garage that we will be keeping our Harleys in. My hubby has a Fat Boy and I have a 95th Anniversary Sportster, which I LOVE!!! It's all chromed out with a great custom leather solo Osteridge seat with fringe.of course!!!You can see part of it in my STORE,check out my photos for sale!! I also have my MEMBERS site up and running!! There you can see all types of photos that in the very near future will become VERY personal to me.On a training note: I am working HARD towards my 2005 goal of competiting in my FIRST PRO show in Texas, the "Europa" so I need to get to the gym now.I have my work cut out for me, not to mention I have tons of boxes to unpack!!!! Have a great weekend!!
Vicki :)


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