Thursday, February 24, 2005

Feb 24th

Hi there! I have some new stuff going on my website today!! I updated my 2005 apperances and added new info to my Home page. And its SNOWING again here in NJ.....we are going to get up to 10 inches they say. I had 2 clients call out with surgeries here lately and I want to wish them both Speedy recoveries!! I miss you both! I went to the Dr. yesterday to see about working around these darn injuries and he adjusted me somewhat, he stated that I was a mess! LOL! Nothing that I did not already know :) But I am still training my butt off!! I have finally started to see some good size gains, so I must be doing something right! :) I have been getting more e-mail here lately and I sure do enjoy hearing from you so...PLEASE keep them coming! I sure will be glad when Spring comes! I love getting outdoors and being in the warm sunshine. I am a Beach freak, so summer is MY favorite time. It looks like I need to go get the shovel now, its getting pretty deep and I have to get out for a PM client soon. I drive a "Mustang and they are not good in snow.Take care & Keep those e-mails coming!!
Vick xxoo

Monday, February 14, 2005

Feb. 14th

Happy Valentines Day! Hope this finds you all well. I am still busy working on our new home, homes are a never ending project. Which I don't mind at all, its fun to transform rooms into a comfortable, fun living space. I think that I have been watching to many home design shows, LOL! If you are anywhere near Wilmington Delaware in April I will be working at the Vitiman Shoppe's every Sat. displaying Labrada Products and handing out "samples". Yummy stuff! I will remind you closer to the dates. Well I am training like an animal for the Pro stage in Sept. but I have been working around some really bad injuries, not enough to knock me out of the game yet!! I have 2 herniated disks and severe tendonitus in both elbows which makes Bicep workouts VERY painful!! I somehow injuried my knee at my mom's and dads at Christmas which has gotten really bad! I think that I tore my meniscus, BUT I will not give in! I have to make my Pro debut this year!!! Please say a prayer for me!! I will BOP til I drop! LOL! I hope that you can come out and support me in Sept. I love the roar of a good crowd, and you fans make it all worth wild!! Thank you for that. I guess its time to hit the gym again, I have 2 clients tonight. Until next time........Peace & Love to you all!!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Feb.4th

Hello there!
Its been awhile since I have had time to sit down and fill you in on whats happening. It is still really cold here in NJ, but not as bad as last week, it actually got up to 40 today!! We have not had anymore snow yet......Its only Feb. so we may get more before Spring arrives. I have been training really hard and hoping to make some gains for my upcoming Pro show's in Sept. I will start my diet around the end of May. I will be doing the Bulk Nutrition Super Show also in Sept. in Charleston SC..........if all goes as planned!! After the contest are all done my husband & I plan on a 2 week vacation back down in Florida to recover. Well I guess I need to get back to painting, I am in the middle of the TV room now and I want to get it done for the Superbowl on Sunday!!! GO EAGLES!!!!!!
Until next time..