Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Hello everyone! For some strange reason my number keys wont work on my keyboard!! So here I am weeks out!! Diet is going great!! I am lbs lighter!! I am looking somewhat fuller too!! I just put in another BIG order of supplements, my trainer has me on so many!! I seem to be feeling a bit stronger and I a sleeping better. I take about twenty four pills a day!! I have a favor to ask of you all out there....could you take a minute to e-mail me and let me know what you think I should put on my website..what would you like to see?? Also....I would like to hear about your thoughts as to how you think I can improve my look?? Remember....I a yrs young and TOTALLY drug free, so it has to be clean advice:) Are any of you going to be at the Europa Super Show in Texas in Sept??? I have No family going to that show except my husband and that being my very first Pro show will make it tuff!! I am used to hearing all my friends and family in the crowd. If you do make it.PLEASE yell for me!! :) Hey by the way....I got a pool put in my backyard this past month to work on my tan, and let me tell you what!! It is like Therapy!! After a good hard workout I just float around it in and cool off, nothing like a cool swim on a HOT day!! Thanks again for all the fan mail!! You all make it so much fun!!
Until next time .......stay healthy!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

May 21st

Howdy!! I just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know that I am in NewYork at the Tribecca watching the IFBB Pro Mens and Womens Bodybuilding. I am cheering for Colette Nelson....my good buddy!!!! She looks awesome, she is harder than she was in Spain and more beautiful than ever!!! I am working from a computer here at the college. We are in between Pre-judge and the evening show. In about 30 minutes the show will begin............I will be up there myself soon!! Sept. is coming on FAST!!! I am 1 week into my contest diet and the smells of NewYork food is KILLING ME!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey you think that by now I would be use to this torture! :) Keep those e-mails coming......I am so happy everytime I get one!!! Please take a minute to vote for me on female-bodybuilders.org just click on my name on the left and go to the pics of me and vote below my pics! THANKS SO MUCH!! I will be going back home tonight and back in the gym first thing in the morning to BUST BUTT!! Love to all my friends and fans!!
xxoo Vick

Thursday, May 12, 2005

May 12th

Hi everyone! I am back from my 2 week vacation. It was awesome! We relaxed in the sun and ate at some really neat beach spots! The weather held out for us and we both came home with an awesome tan!! While we were in St. Augutine Florida we worked out at World's Gym and we both agreed that it was by far one of the nicest gym's we have ever been in!! The place was spotless and the machines were top notch!! We will be going back there again for sure!! Now its time to buckel down for my Pro shows!! I am about 18 weeks out and ready to get busy!! I will be in Newyork for Colette Nelson's Pro debut on May 21st!! I can hardly wait to see her up there doing her stuff!! Thanks for your e-mails and support, I have really gotten some sweet, motivating words from you all and I truely am gratefull for that!! Please continue to visit my website and check out my Journal for updates!! Until next time........Take Care!!
Peace & Love,
Vicki :)