Saturday, December 25, 2004

Sat. Dec.25th

Merry Christmas everyone! My whole family is here,some are chilling out watching TV, some are playing with their new Christmas toys, mom's cooking, and here I am filling you in on what's happening in Hilton Head, SC.I hope that you all are having a Wonderful Day with your families as well! Please feel free to send me your comments or any other info about yourselves.I would love to hear from you!! As you see my website is coming along nicely, thanks to my friend Colette Nelson!!She totally rocks!:)Not only is she beautiful, she's VERY talented!!I will be heading out tomorrow for Florida, spending all week there with my hubby, so I will not be able to write in my journal until I am back in NJ and moved into my new home, sometime around the first week of Jan.2005........WOW! Where did the year go???? I did 5 contests last year! That's where most of it went! LOL!I promise to get back with you ASAP!! Take Good care & ENJOY your NEW YEARS!! Be safe & stay healthy!
Peace & Love,
Vick :)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Thurs. Dec.23rd

Ok everyone,its 2 days before Christmas! I hope that you have all finished shopping! Our vacation has proved to be very interesting so far. Today I went to the gym here on the Island and spent 2 hrs. training Chest & Biceps, and 45 minutes of cardio.When I arrived back at my parents we discovered Jackson(2 yr. old nephew) had decided to color my dads floor with black magic marker!! The carpet is really messed up! Needless to say, my poor dad is now trying to get "Permanent Marker out of the carpet!! YIKES!Not a good day for him!!My husband and I have no kids and at this point in our lives we are OK with that!! LOL!The weather here is around 70, which is a far cry from NJ!!!We will be heading to Palm Coast Florida on Sunday and staying there for 5 days.Tomorrow will be my last workout here on the Island, but my hubby and I will be working out everyday in Florida! Well, it's time to go chill out until dinner.Have a great day and I will talk at yall again soon!!
VicK :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Wed. Dec.22nd

Hello everyone! It's a sunny beautiful day here in Hilton Head SC. Today my brother and his wife arrive, his 2 girls are here already, they came back with my mom & dad last weekend after they had visited them in Goldsboro, NC.These girls are sooo cute! Blonde hair blue eyes!! Heather is 5 today and Amanda is 7.What a pair!! My sister's little boy(Jackson) is going to be 3 on Jan 15th, he is also blonde with blue eyes,it runs in the family.I was in the delivery room when Jackson was born, what a awesome miracle that was to see!!They are all so much fun to watch.Yesterday we all sat and watched Christmas movies with them, Santa Claus Is Coming,Rudolph, all those Christmas classics:)Well, I guess it's time that I hit the gym,I will get back with you tomorrow and let you know what our events were:)
Have a good one!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Tues.Dec 21st

Hi everyone! Well we made it safely to Hilton Head SC, it was a 12 hr. drive. We hit some really bad weather near Fayetteville NC, there were cars flying off the road because of the ice and snow on the roads, but we made it!!! Thanks to my driving skills :)My hubby slept through it!! My family were all here waiting for us, except my brother and his wife who will arrive tomorrow.I am taking today off from the gym to visit and recover from the long drive.But tomorrow its back to the weights and cardio, I dont want to let this vacation get the best of me! LOL! Well guys, my sister just pulled up with my nieces & nephew so off I go to play the role of Aunt Vicki. Have a great day and I will get back with you soon!!

Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday Dec. 17th

Hello everyone!
Well today was my last day training my clients until I return from my Christmas vacation with my family. My husband and I can hardly wait to get to Hilton Head SC. if you ever get a chance to visit there you would not believe how awesome it is!! And if you are into Golf thats your kind of place for sure!!I keep saying some day I want to give it a try, but for now I will just keep hitting the weights!! LOL!I do plan to take the stage next year "2005" for the very first time as an IFBB Pro. As of right now I have my sights set on a Sept. show thats going to be held in Texas, its called the "EUROPA" and I will be training like an animal all winter & doing my best to improve my physique, hopfully putting on some size.At 44 yrs. of age I feel that I am far from my peak, thats the greatest thing about bodybuilding, you ONLY get better with age!!!!:)
So theres no rest for the weary, I really want to get on that PRO stage! Its kind of scarey actually, to think that I will be up there with the best in the world!! But its VERY motivating!! So stay tuned, I will keep you posted on my daily happenings inside and outside the gym!Thank you all so much for your support this past year!!! It was one heck of a ride and it paid off!! BIG TIME!!
Peace & Love,

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Hello there!Well its 10 days before Christmas and I hope you all are enjoying your shopping and preparing for the Holidays!I am all done my shopping and I am READY to head down South! My family & I meet every Christmas in Hilton Head SC where my Mom & Dad live. It is Sooo beautiful there and we really enjoy the stay! We will also be spending a week in Palm Coast Florida where we own a condo on the beach!!I LOVE the sun & sand, I am a true beach bunny!!LOL!My husband & I are going to live in Palm Coast after he retires.We are also in the middle of moving into a new home right after we come back to NJ! So we are VERY busy. But I will keep you all posted and let you know whats going on as often as I can! Take care & Stay Healthy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Hi everyone!I am so excited about my website getting a New look! I have the Awesome Colette Nelson hooking it up! I will be able to keep you all updated daily in my Journal!! Please keep coming back to see whats new!! Thanks for stopping in!

Dec. 14, 2004

Hello -

Welcome to my new website..............I hope you enjoy the new Additions. I will be adding a memebers gallery SOON!!! Please take a moment to check out my photo gallery and STORE.