Wednesday, August 05, 2009

August 5th 2009

WHat! Its August already!! wow! Summer is flying by! Hubby and I have been SO busy! Going to shows, picnics, graduations, weddings!! FUN summer so far! My 30th Class reunion is this SAT! Man this will be a RUSH! I have nOT seen Most of these peeps in 30 yrs!! MY friend/client competes again in 4 weedeks! The NPC North Americnas!! She took 6th in the Masters Nats in Pittburg last month...our hope is to have her dialed in for this show!!! So far it looks good!!!

I have been selling my DVDs alot here lately, Colette Nelson had me on her radio show for RX Muscle and the sales really picked up after that:) TY COLLETTE! MY rehab for my injuries seems to be Finally coming along, I feel like I finally found a good Dr!!! wahooo! I know the pain will Never be totally gone, but this is a start! I still see her 3 days aweek for now.

Keep those e-mails coming , I enjoy hearing from all of you!! Stay health y, have a great rest of the summer and stay tuned till my next Blog!


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