Friday, April 22, 2005

April 22nd

Hi everyone! It has been awhile since I last wrote, I am very busy with my clients and training myself. I am really excited about hiring Kim Oddo as my trainer!!! Yeap, a trainer with a trainer!!!I have never had a trainer in my life!! But as I get closer to my 1st Pro show I find that I need less stress and more help! I want to be able to concentrate on my clients workouts which I change everyweek, and besides that I really wanted to try a new way of dieting!! Kim has sent me my new workouts and my diet plan for the next couple weeks and that will change as time goes on. Kim is Monica Brants trainer and I think that Monica is the "BOMB! So I feel very comfortable with my body in his to speak! LOL! He lives in California, so we have weekly phone calls and e-mails to keep things rolling, plus I have to send him photo's everyweek to track my progress.That made me go out and buy a new digital camera and my buddy came over and helped me learn how to send them via E-mail.Now I can finally send pics over the internet. I am also getting ready to leave on vacation next week! We will be in Florida for 2 weeks!! I need to unwind and relax before I hit that 20 week out mark. Sun & sand, thats my perfect vacation!! Our condo in right on the beach. Thank you all for your e-mails and constant support!! I love you all!! You keep me going!! I will write again when I get back and let you know how things went. I will hit the gym down there for a few days.....Kim said to relax for a week and get ready to Rock when I get back. Take good care & Stay healthy!
Peace & Love,

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

April 5th

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to let you all know that I am hanging in there!! Training harder and heavier than ever! My knee is somewhat better. I am leg pressing 600lbs now for 3 sets of 15!! I am up in all my lifts...and hopefully putting on some quailty muscle!! LOL! We are having some really nice warm days coming up and I am LOVING that!! I feel so much better in warmer weather.....dueto my Fibromyalgia. COME ON Summer!! We will be heading down to our Condo in Florida in a few weeks!! I can hardly wait to sink my feet in the sand!! I will keep ya posted. I will also have a new video shoot with FemFlex sometime in Sept.inbetween my contests, I will let you know more about that as time goes on. I had fun this past Sat. at the Vitiman Shoppe in Wilmington Delaware.....I did a Labrada Nutrition sample went well even though it rained all day. Thank you guys that were there!! We had fun meeting and talking with you! I have to get to the gym to train more clients be good and take care! I will talk with you again soon.
Vicki :)