Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jan 6th 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! Time flew this past year didnt it! much happened to me last year, and I am so blessed to say that my recovery from my caraccident has gotten somewhat better...never will be 100% back to my old self...but thankful for the range of motion I have gotten back in my neck and back! On a brighter note...I have plans for 2010 that will keep me VERY BUSY! We are preparing for our move to our Florida condo in Oct! Hubby retires Oct 31st and that will be the day we pull out of our NJ home forever!!!! Its going to be bitter sweet, the house goes on the market in early spring and if it seels before the move date...we rent until biggy, as we are selling MOST of our furniture and other items, so that move will be quick and easy. As far as my clients I have 3 now that will be competing in bodybuliding! 1 female and 2 males...very excited for them all, my one young client is only 19 and doing his First show!! Actually, he will be doing two local shows! My workouts have changed drastically since the car accident, I have had to "downsize" my body and train with more moderate weights and I LOVE the changes, because I feel much lighter on my feet and like the way I look to boot! I am down to 115lbs right now and cant say I miss the extra weight at all, its MUCH better for my injuries. I have a BIG surprize in store for all of you soon! I am keeping it under wraps a few more Stay Tuned for my BIG NEWS!!!! I can hardly keep it to myself!!! Untill next post..PLEASE feel FREE to email me! I Love hearing from all my fans and friends out there! Thank you for your support! If you have not seen my DVD documentary yet, its for sale in my STORE here on my website! If you want it signed just ask!!
Love and hugs
Have a GREAT New Year! May ALL your dreams come true!! I know mine are!!!


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