Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Jan. 14th

Howdy! Hope alls well with you all. I had a great day yesterday besides training my wonderful clients, I went furniture shopping with my hubby.We bought a great couch and 2 end tables with 2 really cool lamps! Its fun spending money on new stuff for a new home:) Today is a Friday...which means I have the weekend off from clients. I do other things on the weekends like....laundry,clean,get my nails done....all that OTHER stuff.I spend time with my 2 puppy dogs as well, they are so cute! Dasha is a tea cup toy poodle and Shelby is a miniature dashund(hotdog), I guess you could say they are my kids. Lap Dogs:) Little dogs don't make BIG mess's!! LOL! I like that part the best!! I have been adding links to my website and if you are interested in trading banners, Please e-mail me your info and I will get that to my webgirl!!I have so much fun with my website, it will just keep getting better, thanks to Colette Nelson!! Check out her awesome website! I am not getting much mail from you all out there in Interspace!! I would love to hear from you about whatever!!!! Well its time to go shopping again....this time for food and odds & ends.Take good care! Until next time, be safe & train hard!


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