Thursday, May 07, 2009

MAY 7th, 2009

OK, here we are in May already. So much has happened this year, since my last blog MR Nixon , my hubbies dad has gone through so many health issues and needless to say we were the ones who stepped up to the plate and took care of things, because we love him, and felt that nobody else would. We were right...after many days by his side in the hospital and everyday in his rehab I was there to listen to his thoughts and concerns, he became so dear to me in the past few months. Brian and I took him to change his will after he got well enough and we took over his everyday bills and made sure he got to all his Dr appts ect...and as of now, hes home and doing as well as he can. He had 2 weeks in the hospital for bacteria infection and then 2 weeks in rehab to get his strength back and then after being home for one month he decided to get the much needed carodid artery surgery which Brian and I took him to and sat by his side each day afterwards. All the while I have been trying to get better from our car accident back in Dec. 2008. My rehab didnt go so well and after 4 months of terrible pain I decided to take it to another DR. for pain management, epidurals and more MRI's. Well, I am happy to say that 3 days ago I finally started to feel Some pain releif! I had been seeing a chiropractor for 4months and getting nowhere..and for some strange reason after stopping my adjustments, I feel better. I still have pain, but I can now turn my head and take a deep breath! Thank God! And my shoulder MRI was approved for this Monday, so I will keep you posted there.But for now, no need for an epidural! yippee!!!

Brian and I have also been studing for our NFPT personal trainer certification which we finally took our test last Friday and passed!!! So we are both good to go for our Fitness training when we move to Florida in 18 months from now, with his massage theraphy and PT certs he and I are going to make a Great Team! We leave May 18th for 15 days vacation in sunny Florida, while we are there we are going to look into some jobs and scope out the area more:) We are flying because we are both afraid to make that long drive ever again after our car accident. 15 hrs in a car is NO FUN!!! So, next time I blog I will fill you in on our trip to Florida:)

As far as my training goes, I still get to the gym 4 days a week and do my light lifting for rehab and cardio to keep me somewhat lean:) Cant let 25 yrs of hard work Go to Hell completely!! Take care and God bless,
Vicki Nixon IFBB Pro BB
Good Luck to all the ladies who are competing in the NY IFBB Pro show, I decided Not to attend this year, to much to do to prepare for our trip.

Brian and I have also been studing


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