Friday, January 28, 2005

Jan 28th

Hello everyone!
Thank God its Friday! I have 2 clients out this week, one had foot surgery done and the other one had an overnight stay in the hospital with minor female surgery. I want to say "GET WELL to both of them! They both are awesome ladies and workout really hard when they are with me and I love them both. Get back with me ASAP!! On another note its still cold as heck here in NJ and we may see more snow in the next few days. I got stuck last week in the gym parking lot and had 2 male friends come push me out...very stressful! Mustangs do NOT do well in the snow & ice. I will be spending my weekend training hard and doing some shopping in Delaware for more Home goods :) I love to shop!! I guess all women love to spend money! :) I just became a Team Labrada Rep for his nutrition line!!! Please take a minute to check out his website!! He has the BEST products and man they taste awesome!!!! I will keep you posted on where I will be going this year with my Team Labrada "Samples" I will be attending some bodybuilding contests out yummy samples of his bars and Protein drinks as well!! I really need to get some food in me now and take a nice LONG shower, its been a long day. Take care & Keep "pumpin!
xo Vicki


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