Tuesday, September 27, 2005

SEPT. 27th

Ok here we go!! 3 days till my next Pro show!! We leave Thursday for Charlotte NC!! I spoke to my parents and they will be there to cheer me on!! Cant wait to see them!! I have a photo shoot with Tom Nine while there and cant wait to get all the pics that have been taken from all the shoots I have done in the last 2 months!! Herbiceps.com & WPW did a video/photos shoot with me last Thursday, Steve Wennerstrom from Flex did photo;s while I was in Texas and so did James from Gene X ftwebcam. Soooo, I will have lots of new stuff by the end of the year!! Thanks to all of you!! I am finishing my packing tomorrow so we can just wake up at about 4am Thurday and take off....on the road again!! I will be back and writting in my journal by Oct. 18th...so look for me back on the webcams as well!! I will soon be sporting my Off-season look!! Good-bye abs!!! LOL!
Lota love to you all!!

Friday, September 23, 2005


I am back from Texas and did my first Pro show! I came in 7th out of 12 lightweights and I had a BLAST!! It started really bad, we were at the Philadelphia airport on the runway for 3 hrs!! We could'nt takeoff due to weather conditions,so my poor body became somewhat depleted, due to the fact we were on the plane for a total of 6 hrs!! So once I got there I had to start eating right away!! Kim Oddo, my trainrt told me to go eat a BIG chesseburger and yam,,,hey! No problem there!! I hadnt had one in 20 weeks!! Then I had to go to Jan Tna's room and start my tanning process, well afer that I was told to go eat a filet steak and another yam!! YUMMY! But, my poor tummy was Not used to all that food! Kim then told me to keep eating througjout the night whenever I would wake up during the night I would eat some almonds and once I had a rice cake with peanut butter!! So by time I awoke on contest day I was much fuller! I then continued to eat 3 more meals by time I hit the pre-judge stage still trying to fill out my muscles more:) Well, we did the best we could under those cicustances and I came in at 117lbs. Inbetween pre-judge and the evening show all I could do was lay down!! Oh, I also got to meet Gina Davis (very pretty lady) she just turned Pro also, well,,,,she fixed my hair & did my makeup! What an awesome job she did!! She brought a ggod friend with her Carrie Ledford/Baldwin what a sweety she is, and an awesome bodybuilder as well!! Anyway those 2 ladies and me and my hubby had a great time preparing me for the stage, they made me Beatiful!!! Thank you ladies!!! It was such an honor meeting them!! I met sooo many ladies there that made my first show such an awesome time!! You can see the results and some pics on Gene X and femuscle.org has lots of pics!! Now I am one week out from my next show in Charlotte NC! From the I will be going on vacation for 2 weeks, so it will be awhile before I get a chance to write again, but check the internet for results!!! Also when I get home on Oct.17th Colette Nelson and I sre going to really buckel down on my website & get tons of new pics on it!! So please check out my "Members Site"! I promise to make it fantastic!! I got behind on it & everything else while preparing for these shows, but I will catch up soon!! Thanks for you support & well wishes!! Love ya all!! I am off to the gym!!
Lota love,
Vicki :)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sept. 11th

Wow, its been 4 years since the NY ordeal. 911 was the saddest day I have ever seen so far. God bless us all. Ok, so hows everyone doing? I am 5 days away from The Europa Super Show!! I cant believe its almost here!! I am feeling ready!! I look better than i ever have and want to thank my trainer Kim Oddo for his help!! Yes, for the first time in over 25 shows and 20 yrs. I had a trainer!! Since it is my first Pro show I wanted to be able to just do what somebody told me to do instead of doing the diet and workouts myself, as a trainer myself I have always over trained. I would diet to hard and to long and Kill myself far to much in the gym. Not to say that I didnt train hard and diet hard for this, I just did it in a slower, safer manner. Thanks to all my buddies who have supported me thru this and to my clients, thanks for dealing with me while I have prepared for all my shows and for your understanding....I love you Girls!! I will be doing a photo shoot with Steve Wennerstrom while in Texas and George Legaro's as well. Ok..its time to eat again!! I have to say that since I started on the ftwebcam & Herbiceps.com webcam I have met some really great people!! I am having so much fun with them!! Thanks again to all my fans!! I will do my VERY best at the show next week and I will write in my Journal again soon, to let yall know how I do!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

SEPT 2nd

Ok...its almost here!! 2 weeks out from my Pro debut!! I am having so much fun on the Ftwecam and herbiceps.com!! I was on 4 nights last week and made some good friends. As far as my training goes, I was just told today to increase my cardio to 80 minutes a day x 6 days a week :( I will be doing 40 in the morning and 40 at night on top of my weight trainng. I am just now starting to feel burned out!! I keep thinking I am almost there!! Your e-mails keep me going!! I have recieved a lot of fan mail and enjoy chatting with you all on the webcam!! Thanks you all!! I feel so bad for the flood victims and so many people who have lost family, friends. their homes ect...I pray that this will be the last disaster for a LONG time!! I just pray.I am hoping to hear from my friend Mary Lado soon! She lives in the area that got hit...and I am so wrried about her! If anyone knows how she is please e-mail me!!
All those people are in my thoughts and prayers!! Well its time to chill out for the night...have a good one and I will be in touch soon!!
Love & Hugs,