Monday, May 12, 2008

MAY 12th 2008!!!

WOW!! Its May already!! HOPE all of you are having a great year so far!! MY new life is great!! Since I no longer compete we are able to do all types of cool things!!! Lots of new adventures planned for us this year, so far we have done something different every weekend!! between the weddings, the shows, the outdoor events, parties ect...we are having a BLAST!!!!!! I am still training with weights 4 days a week and doing cardio 5 to 6 days a week:) I DONT think that will ever change!!! GREAT NEWS!! I am now taking pre-orders for my DVD!! yes..its Finally almost done!! We watched an hr and 10 minutes at the "DVD PREVIEW" two weeks ago..and let me say this" I was SHOCKED at the AMAZING work Mike has done on this DVD!! 2 yrs in the making and its one month away from release!! I am getting pre-orders now to see how many we need to cut for the first batch:))PLEASE go to my website STORE and watch the Teaser video clip and get an idea of whats to come!!! There is NO bodybuilding DVD out there like this one!! I have revealed some VERY personal and intimate issues in my life that are all here for your viewing!! Its about me..the person behind the body..the issues and adversites that I have overcome and still do everyday to maintain my physique. I will continue to sell it just on MY SITE for now.
I will keep you posted as time goes on...
Take care, stay healthy!!


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