Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NOV. 2009

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!! My goodness its been a LONG time since I last posted here!! Rehab is going well now, I have FINALLY started to see improvements in my spine! I do have 3 new blown disks all from the car accident and two torn labrums in my shoulders..but VERY excited to say...Less headaches now and more range of motion!! Wahooo! For that I am VERY greatfull!! Moving along into 2010 I have HIGH hopes of being even better!! I am in the gym 7 days a week doing what I can to make sure the body I have is in the best shape it can be!! On another note..we put our NJ home on the market in the early spring and make our move to sunny Florida sometime betwen Oct and Dec 2010!! We r very excited about MOVING!! The weather there will allow us to ride our Harleys and do out door activities YEAR ROUND!! That will also motivate me to stay in tip top shape for bikinis and shorts! lol! I have a BIG BIG SUPRISE for you after the NEW YEAR! I am going crazy wanting to let it out of the bag...BUT, I will wait to 2010 and fill u in on my Next adventure!! Happy , Healthy Holidays!! Stay safe and enjoy the time with ur friends and family!!
IFBB PRO Vicki Nixon


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