Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 12th, 2009

OK here we go!! Christmas was really hard again this year...between the trip itself..a 12 hr drive and the fact we almost didnt make it to my parents home in Hilton Head SC...well let me explain, we were in Dunn NC about half way there when a lady ran a red light and hit us on my side(passenger) going about 50! When she hit us, I saw her coming, I braced!! NOT good! We rolled and then when we came to a stop..finally...the truck caught on fire! We had our two small dogs and all our Christmas gifts and clothes for 16 days in the back of the truck! LONG story short..we got out, both dogs ended up being injured and the firefighters saved our Gifts in the back of the truck!! Everything was very smokey and somethings were wet...but all and all the things were ok. I have to start physical theraphy again along with X-rays and MRI's again!! Hubby is fine! Thank God! Needless to say our vacation turned into a Nightmare..that car accident has changed my life forever!! I have nightmares and cant drive with anyone! I keep seeing and feeling the impact over and over...thank goodness we both had on seat belts!!! They do save you, so Please wear them! On another note..we will Never drive that drive again! We have both agreed to FLY from now on! In two more yrs we will be moving to Florida, so we will have to drive the moving truck once..but thats it! LOL!! NO mORE crazy lond drives for us! I dont understand why people dont pay attention when they are behind the wheel!! The lady who hit us said" I didnt see the light"!!! what!!! She blew by others who were dead stopped!! Stay off the phone, dont eat...dont paly with the radio..and for GOD sakes..DONT TEXT!!! Watch the road!!!

I will keep u posted on things as we move into the New year...I promise you more Blogs and new photos!! This year can only get better..Hope u all had a great Holuday and best of everything to you all in 2009!!!


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