Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oct 18th

Hi everyone!! Its soooo good to be back home!! I came in 3rd in the Charlotte Bulk show!!! Yippeee! I got a check!! It was an awesome forst class show!! All ladies got their Own dressing rooms!!! We all felt like stars!!:) It was run so well, I do want to compete in that show again next year!! Charlotte is a very Clean beautiful city. My mom & dad were there to cheer me on and that really took so much stress off of me, just to know that I had them there and hear there voices calling out to me:) Thanks so much Mom & Dad!! After we were done competing on Sat. night I decided to hunt for the good Maragarita....we found one!!! We sat in a Sports Bar and had our drinks and then it was late and time for me to get some long needed rest. The very next morning I had a photo shoot with TomNine, which went very well!! We got some great shots in the hotel area, there were several water falls and very colorfull landscaping all over Charlotte. Sat. afternoon we watched the mens show and then went back for the night show as well, there were some BIG boys !!!! Brach Warren won the mens overall. Sunday I was finally free to have a real cheat meal!!! I had a nice breakfast with the works and then we headed to our Condo in Palm Coast Florida for 7 days, it rained the whole time!! But we got some Christmas shopping done!! After our Florida trip we headed to Hilton head SC to visit my parents for 5 days. It rained there also!! The whole East Coast was wet for the entire 2 weeks!!!! Anyway...I am very happy with the shows that I did and hope to get a little bigger this coming off-season and do even better next year!! Thanks to all my fans and friends who have been there for me!!! I love yall!!