Saturday, July 22, 2006

July 22

Hey everyone!
Sorry its been so long since I last posted..I am 4 weeks out from the IFBB Europa super Pro show!!I am on target with my conditioning! I saw my trainer Kim Oddo at the Body Rock on the 8th of July, and he was Very happy to sat the least!! I am so ready that he is giving me More foods and less cardio!! Dont want to loose any hard earned muscle!! I am 122lbs today!! 5 lbs more than last year. and its all muscle!! Yehaw! My back is still pretty bad, but I am holding out for that last epidiral...only allowed one more! I finally decided to get down on the floor the other day to practice my posing routine and what a BIG mistake!! I could hardly walk for a week!! But, I will be there on stage if it kills me!! My friend Dave Pulcinella is competing this weekend at the Masters Nationals, he was called out in the top 6 so far, I hope he gets to do his posing routine! They only allow the top 5 to pose at the night show. GO Davey Baby!! Also my friend Angela Sales is in the over 50 class!! You Go Girl! Wish I was there cheering them on! I am doing a lot of photo shoots this year , I have already done 2 at the Body Rock and have 4 lined up for the Europa!! So, I will have tons of New pics and video for my "Members!! Please come check me out on the webcams! I love showing off in the contest season!! and ftwebcam & also Amazon muscle webcam. I always post my dates and times on the sites:)) Thank you all for your e-mails of support and kindness!! God bless and take care untill next we time!!
Love & Peace
Vicki xxo