Tuesday, July 20, 2010

JULY 20th 2010

Well, the cat is out of the bag now!! I did my first Pro Figure show in NJ at the NY IFBB Pro Figure/Team Universe!! The very show where I got my IFBB Pro card in BB, was my comeback stage for FIGURE! I started my Journey to the stage in Figure on Oct 1st 2009! 9 Long hard months I made it!! I placed out of the top 15..but to me its NOT about that right now..I will be 50 in Sept and as the Oldest women ever to do Pro figure I am Proud and Pleased to say I LOVE the body I have created!! Along with Kim Oddo we did it! I am one week out from doing the Europa Pro Figure in Hardtford Ct and my plan is to come in tighter and present myself better..my irst time out I was a biy"under the weather" the heat was terrible at the venue and I ended up with a full blown migraine:( But in a few days I will HOPE to feel better and place higher!! After this last show me and my hubby will begin to repack for our BIG Florida move on Oct 30th!! Next yr after we are all setteled in our new home, I maybe doing the Jacksonville Florida Pro Figure! I love the New look and the training is so much easier on my injuries!! This is my New Journey! After 25 yrs of Bodybuilding..its Gladly behind me!! Thanks to everyne who has sent me emails and supported me in Figure!! You all mean SO much to me and the support makes the Journey that Much esier and worth wild!!
God Bless
Vicki Nixon IFBB Pro Figure

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jan 6th 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! Time flew this past year didnt it! wow...so much happened to me last year, and I am so blessed to say that my recovery from my caraccident has gotten somewhat better...never will be 100% back to my old self...but thankful for the range of motion I have gotten back in my neck and back! On a brighter note...I have plans for 2010 that will keep me VERY BUSY! We are preparing for our move to our Florida condo in Oct! Hubby retires Oct 31st and that will be the day we pull out of our NJ home forever!!!! Its going to be bitter sweet, the house goes on the market in early spring and if it seels before the move date...we rent until Oct...no biggy, as we are selling MOST of our furniture and other items, so that move will be quick and easy. As far as my clients I have 3 now that will be competing in bodybuliding! 1 female and 2 males...very excited for them all, my one young client is only 19 and doing his First show!! Actually, he will be doing two local shows! My workouts have changed drastically since the car accident, I have had to "downsize" my body and train with more moderate weights and I LOVE the changes, because I feel much lighter on my feet and like the way I look to boot! I am down to 115lbs right now and cant say I miss the extra weight at all, its MUCH better for my injuries. I have a BIG surprize in store for all of you soon! I am keeping it under wraps a few more months...so Stay Tuned for my BIG NEWS!!!! I can hardly keep it to myself!!! Untill next post..PLEASE feel FREE to email me! I Love hearing from all my fans and friends out there! Thank you for your support! If you have not seen my DVD documentary yet, its for sale in my STORE here on my website! If you want it signed just ask!!
Love and hugs
Have a GREAT New Year! May ALL your dreams come true!! I know mine are!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NOV. 2009

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!! My goodness its been a LONG time since I last posted here!! Rehab is going well now, I have FINALLY started to see improvements in my spine! I do have 3 new blown disks all from the car accident and two torn labrums in my shoulders..but VERY excited to say...Less headaches now and more range of motion!! Wahooo! For that I am VERY greatfull!! Moving along into 2010 I have HIGH hopes of being even better!! I am in the gym 7 days a week doing what I can to make sure the body I have is in the best shape it can be!! On another note..we put our NJ home on the market in the early spring and make our move to sunny Florida sometime betwen Oct and Dec 2010!! We r very excited about MOVING!! The weather there will allow us to ride our Harleys and do out door activities YEAR ROUND!! That will also motivate me to stay in tip top shape for bikinis and shorts! lol! I have a BIG BIG SUPRISE for you after the NEW YEAR! I am going crazy wanting to let it out of the bag...BUT, I will wait to 2010 and fill u in on my Next adventure!! Happy , Healthy Holidays!! Stay safe and enjoy the time with ur friends and family!!
IFBB PRO Vicki Nixon

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

August 5th 2009

WHat! Its August already!! wow! Summer is flying by! Hubby and I have been SO busy! Going to shows, picnics, graduations, weddings!! FUN summer so far! My 30th Class reunion is this SAT! Man this will be a RUSH! I have nOT seen Most of these peeps in 30 yrs!! MY friend/client competes again in 4 weedeks! The NPC North Americnas!! She took 6th in the Masters Nats in Pittburg last month...our hope is to have her dialed in for this show!!! So far it looks good!!!

I have been selling my DVDs alot here lately, Colette Nelson had me on her radio show for RX Muscle and the sales really picked up after that:) TY COLLETTE! MY rehab for my injuries seems to be Finally coming along, I feel like I finally found a good Dr!!! wahooo! I know the pain will Never be totally gone, but this is a start! I still see her 3 days aweek for now.

Keep those e-mails coming , I enjoy hearing from all of you!! Stay health y, have a great rest of the summer and stay tuned till my next Blog!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

MAY 7th, 2009

OK, here we are in May already. So much has happened this year, since my last blog MR Nixon , my hubbies dad has gone through so many health issues and needless to say we were the ones who stepped up to the plate and took care of things, because we love him, and felt that nobody else would. We were right...after many days by his side in the hospital and everyday in his rehab I was there to listen to his thoughts and concerns, he became so dear to me in the past few months. Brian and I took him to change his will after he got well enough and we took over his everyday bills and made sure he got to all his Dr appts ect...and as of now, hes home and doing as well as he can. He had 2 weeks in the hospital for bacteria infection and then 2 weeks in rehab to get his strength back and then after being home for one month he decided to get the much needed carodid artery surgery which Brian and I took him to and sat by his side each day afterwards. All the while I have been trying to get better from our car accident back in Dec. 2008. My rehab didnt go so well and after 4 months of terrible pain I decided to take it to another DR. for pain management, epidurals and more MRI's. Well, I am happy to say that 3 days ago I finally started to feel Some pain releif! I had been seeing a chiropractor for 4months and getting nowhere..and for some strange reason after stopping my adjustments, I feel better. I still have pain, but I can now turn my head and take a deep breath! Thank God! And my shoulder MRI was approved for this Monday, so I will keep you posted there.But for now, no need for an epidural! yippee!!!

Brian and I have also been studing for our NFPT personal trainer certification which we finally took our test last Friday and passed!!! So we are both good to go for our Fitness training when we move to Florida in 18 months from now, with his massage theraphy and PT certs he and I are going to make a Great Team! We leave May 18th for 15 days vacation in sunny Florida, while we are there we are going to look into some jobs and scope out the area more:) We are flying because we are both afraid to make that long drive ever again after our car accident. 15 hrs in a car is NO FUN!!! So, next time I blog I will fill you in on our trip to Florida:)

As far as my training goes, I still get to the gym 4 days a week and do my light lifting for rehab and cardio to keep me somewhat lean:) Cant let 25 yrs of hard work Go to Hell completely!! Take care and God bless,
Vicki Nixon IFBB Pro BB
Good Luck to all the ladies who are competing in the NY IFBB Pro show, I decided Not to attend this year, to much to do to prepare for our trip.

Brian and I have also been studing

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April 1, 2009

well here we are in April already! Update on my injuries are: 3 NEW blown disks in my neck and back...causing pain in arms and legs and feet. Good news is I am finally able to do LIGHT weights after 10 weeks of NOTHING!!!! I do cardio 4 days a week and my rehab exercises 3 days...so I am not just sitting around by any means! lol! Besides I am not one to sit still very long anyway...I am always moving!! My rehab is now down to 1 day a week for adjustments and 4 days weights. My headaches FINALLY have slowed down to one a week and not the everyday events I was having. The DR put me on a med about a month ago that helps with migraines...so far its helping. I am excited about our May trip to Florida! We are flying with our dogs with us in the cabin!!! NO MORE DRIVING for us ever again!!!!! The trauma the accident caused me is SO bad..I could NOT drive that far if I wanted to. The cost of us flying with the dogs is 700.00 compared to the 300.00 we used to spend driving...but its going to be well worth it!!! We will be there in 2 hrs instead of 15 hrs!! I will be going to the NY IFBB Pro show on May 16th which is 2 days before we head to Florida. There will be about 20 IFBB Pro ladies competing this yr in NY and I look forward to supporting them all!!!
Until next time, e-mail me! I love hearing from you all!
Stay healthy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan. 16th 2009

OK here goes the bad news...yes..more bad news:( Saw the DR yesterday, he says no gym until I am able to recover....I cant stand the thought of more time away from the gym, but I know that I have to do whatever it takes to get better!! My back and neck pain are out of control at this point. So, I will just have to suck it up and focus on getting better and other projects, which I have plenty of right now:) More time for photography and studying for my New personal trainer cert! I cant even help my clients with their workouts...so now all i do is point and count for them:) I will feel like Juliane on the Biggest looser! I may even scream at them! LOL! No, thats not my s style of training.Please Say some prayers for me, I hope to be back to my old self again before to long!I will keep you posted on my progress, I start pt next week...Take care and have a great weekend!