Saturday, December 25, 2004

Sat. Dec.25th

Merry Christmas everyone! My whole family is here,some are chilling out watching TV, some are playing with their new Christmas toys, mom's cooking, and here I am filling you in on what's happening in Hilton Head, SC.I hope that you all are having a Wonderful Day with your families as well! Please feel free to send me your comments or any other info about yourselves.I would love to hear from you!! As you see my website is coming along nicely, thanks to my friend Colette Nelson!!She totally rocks!:)Not only is she beautiful, she's VERY talented!!I will be heading out tomorrow for Florida, spending all week there with my hubby, so I will not be able to write in my journal until I am back in NJ and moved into my new home, sometime around the first week of Jan.2005........WOW! Where did the year go???? I did 5 contests last year! That's where most of it went! LOL!I promise to get back with you ASAP!! Take Good care & ENJOY your NEW YEARS!! Be safe & stay healthy!
Peace & Love,
Vick :)


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