Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Tues.Dec 21st

Hi everyone! Well we made it safely to Hilton Head SC, it was a 12 hr. drive. We hit some really bad weather near Fayetteville NC, there were cars flying off the road because of the ice and snow on the roads, but we made it!!! Thanks to my driving skills :)My hubby slept through it!! My family were all here waiting for us, except my brother and his wife who will arrive tomorrow.I am taking today off from the gym to visit and recover from the long drive.But tomorrow its back to the weights and cardio, I dont want to let this vacation get the best of me! LOL! Well guys, my sister just pulled up with my nieces & nephew so off I go to play the role of Aunt Vicki. Have a great day and I will get back with you soon!!


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