Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Wed. Dec.22nd

Hello everyone! It's a sunny beautiful day here in Hilton Head SC. Today my brother and his wife arrive, his 2 girls are here already, they came back with my mom & dad last weekend after they had visited them in Goldsboro, NC.These girls are sooo cute! Blonde hair blue eyes!! Heather is 5 today and Amanda is 7.What a pair!! My sister's little boy(Jackson) is going to be 3 on Jan 15th, he is also blonde with blue eyes,it runs in the family.I was in the delivery room when Jackson was born, what a awesome miracle that was to see!!They are all so much fun to watch.Yesterday we all sat and watched Christmas movies with them, Santa Claus Is Coming,Rudolph, all those Christmas classics:)Well, I guess it's time that I hit the gym,I will get back with you tomorrow and let you know what our events were:)
Have a good one!


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