Thursday, December 23, 2004

Thurs. Dec.23rd

Ok everyone,its 2 days before Christmas! I hope that you have all finished shopping! Our vacation has proved to be very interesting so far. Today I went to the gym here on the Island and spent 2 hrs. training Chest & Biceps, and 45 minutes of cardio.When I arrived back at my parents we discovered Jackson(2 yr. old nephew) had decided to color my dads floor with black magic marker!! The carpet is really messed up! Needless to say, my poor dad is now trying to get "Permanent Marker out of the carpet!! YIKES!Not a good day for him!!My husband and I have no kids and at this point in our lives we are OK with that!! LOL!The weather here is around 70, which is a far cry from NJ!!!We will be heading to Palm Coast Florida on Sunday and staying there for 5 days.Tomorrow will be my last workout here on the Island, but my hubby and I will be working out everyday in Florida! Well, it's time to go chill out until dinner.Have a great day and I will talk at yall again soon!!
VicK :)


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