Tuesday, September 27, 2005

SEPT. 27th

Ok here we go!! 3 days till my next Pro show!! We leave Thursday for Charlotte NC!! I spoke to my parents and they will be there to cheer me on!! Cant wait to see them!! I have a photo shoot with Tom Nine while there and cant wait to get all the pics that have been taken from all the shoots I have done in the last 2 months!! Herbiceps.com & WPW did a video/photos shoot with me last Thursday, Steve Wennerstrom from Flex did photo;s while I was in Texas and so did James from Gene X ftwebcam. Soooo, I will have lots of new stuff by the end of the year!! Thanks to all of you!! I am finishing my packing tomorrow so we can just wake up at about 4am Thurday and take off....on the road again!! I will be back and writting in my journal by Oct. 18th...so look for me back on the webcams as well!! I will soon be sporting my Off-season look!! Good-bye abs!!! LOL!
Lota love to you all!!


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