Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Hello everyone! For some strange reason my number keys wont work on my keyboard!! So here I am weeks out!! Diet is going great!! I am lbs lighter!! I am looking somewhat fuller too!! I just put in another BIG order of supplements, my trainer has me on so many!! I seem to be feeling a bit stronger and I a sleeping better. I take about twenty four pills a day!! I have a favor to ask of you all out there....could you take a minute to e-mail me and let me know what you think I should put on my website..what would you like to see?? Also....I would like to hear about your thoughts as to how you think I can improve my look?? Remember....I a yrs young and TOTALLY drug free, so it has to be clean advice:) Are any of you going to be at the Europa Super Show in Texas in Sept??? I have No family going to that show except my husband and that being my very first Pro show will make it tuff!! I am used to hearing all my friends and family in the crowd. If you do make it.PLEASE yell for me!! :) Hey by the way....I got a pool put in my backyard this past month to work on my tan, and let me tell you what!! It is like Therapy!! After a good hard workout I just float around it in and cool off, nothing like a cool swim on a HOT day!! Thanks again for all the fan mail!! You all make it so much fun!!
Until next time .......stay healthy!!


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