Thursday, February 24, 2005

Feb 24th

Hi there! I have some new stuff going on my website today!! I updated my 2005 apperances and added new info to my Home page. And its SNOWING again here in NJ.....we are going to get up to 10 inches they say. I had 2 clients call out with surgeries here lately and I want to wish them both Speedy recoveries!! I miss you both! I went to the Dr. yesterday to see about working around these darn injuries and he adjusted me somewhat, he stated that I was a mess! LOL! Nothing that I did not already know :) But I am still training my butt off!! I have finally started to see some good size gains, so I must be doing something right! :) I have been getting more e-mail here lately and I sure do enjoy hearing from you so...PLEASE keep them coming! I sure will be glad when Spring comes! I love getting outdoors and being in the warm sunshine. I am a Beach freak, so summer is MY favorite time. It looks like I need to go get the shovel now, its getting pretty deep and I have to get out for a PM client soon. I drive a "Mustang and they are not good in snow.Take care & Keep those e-mails coming!!
Vick xxoo


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