Monday, February 14, 2005

Feb. 14th

Happy Valentines Day! Hope this finds you all well. I am still busy working on our new home, homes are a never ending project. Which I don't mind at all, its fun to transform rooms into a comfortable, fun living space. I think that I have been watching to many home design shows, LOL! If you are anywhere near Wilmington Delaware in April I will be working at the Vitiman Shoppe's every Sat. displaying Labrada Products and handing out "samples". Yummy stuff! I will remind you closer to the dates. Well I am training like an animal for the Pro stage in Sept. but I have been working around some really bad injuries, not enough to knock me out of the game yet!! I have 2 herniated disks and severe tendonitus in both elbows which makes Bicep workouts VERY painful!! I somehow injuried my knee at my mom's and dads at Christmas which has gotten really bad! I think that I tore my meniscus, BUT I will not give in! I have to make my Pro debut this year!!! Please say a prayer for me!! I will BOP til I drop! LOL! I hope that you can come out and support me in Sept. I love the roar of a good crowd, and you fans make it all worth wild!! Thank you for that. I guess its time to hit the gym again, I have 2 clients tonight. Until next time........Peace & Love to you all!!


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