Tuesday, April 05, 2005

April 5th

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to let you all know that I am hanging in there!! Training harder and heavier than ever! My knee is somewhat better. I am leg pressing 600lbs now for 3 sets of 15!! I am up in all my lifts...and hopefully putting on some quailty muscle!! LOL! We are having some really nice warm days coming up and I am LOVING that!! I feel so much better in warmer weather.....dueto my Fibromyalgia. COME ON Summer!! We will be heading down to our Condo in Florida in a few weeks!! I can hardly wait to sink my feet in the sand!! I will keep ya posted. I will also have a new video shoot with FemFlex sometime in Sept.inbetween my contests, I will let you know more about that as time goes on. I had fun this past Sat. at the Vitiman Shoppe in Wilmington Delaware.....I did a Labrada Nutrition sample day.....it went well even though it rained all day. Thank you guys that were there!! We had fun meeting and talking with you! I have to get to the gym to train more clients now....so be good and take care! I will talk with you again soon.
Vicki :)


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