Friday, December 21, 2007

Dec. 21 2007

Here we are almost Christmas!! We leave today for 16 day. First stop Hilton head SC where we will stay 1 week with family and then off to our Florida condo!! Its about 34 here in NJ and in the 70's down south where we are heading:)) We are really excited to spend time with my family, this will be the first year in 5 yrs that I am NOT dieting!!! Wahooo!!! I may do some damage...HOPEFULLY not to much:) We train really hard while we are on vacations, actually being in New gyms with new equipment really motivates us and we end up MORE sore than normal and really enjoy the NEW toys to play with! I am filming some footage while there for my upcoming DVD documentary..its being edited now and will be available by spring hopefully!! Its a MUST see!! I am SO excited about it!!
Its time to get on the road now..lots of driving to do...Have A HAPPY HOLIDAY and a safe healthy New year!! I will blog again in 2008!!
Love & Hugs


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