Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jan. 17, 2008

Happy New Year everyone!!
As You know from my last Blog I was going to visit family for several weeks in HH SC and then off to our Florida condo. Well...let me just say this: WOW! WOW! WOW!! It was a emotional, stressful Holiday. I Love my family very much...but there were several events that I must say:BROKE MY HEART"...then on top of that...we get to Florida for some down time and a dear comes out of no where and runs right into our NEW truck!! Yikesss!! I got out to see if the deer was ok and he had the nerve to run away!! Needless to say...he put several nice dents in our truck. the week went on things got better and we did enjoy Florida and didn't want to leave!! It was all and all a very interesting trip to say the least. Glad to be home now...but my Uncle just passed away from stage 4 lung cancer and I fly Back out tomorrow at 6am for Tn. I will be seeing family members that I have not seen in Many yrs! Not the way to see them:(
But..on a more positive note: I see now more than ever how blessed my life is!! My husband and I are so happy with our lives and each other and when we see others struggle..its HARD to understand how they don't try and fix their unhappiness and get things right. I cant explain exactly what I mean due to others feelings and not wanting to say names....Lets just say: Life is to short to be unhappy and unhealthy and NOT really try and do what needs to be done. Making one mistake after another with no thoughts of the future. Some people will NEVER learn. All I can do is continue to pray for them...but they have to want it for themselves... FIRST.
I am still training hard in the gym, working out in Florida and SC was a Blast!! That kept us sain when the stress was high. I was thinking about "DOWNSIZING my physique for a different look...and NOT lift heavy anymore..BUT, Its SO HARD to NOT lift heavy after all these yrs!! I was thinking ok its time to let your body heal and not hit the weights so hard...and that was 2 weeks ago and I still end up busting my ass with weights:)) LOL! Its just the nature of the best:)) Bodybuilding for over half my life seems to be so deep in my blood...My mind wont let go of HEAVY!!
So my dear friends...Heavy it is! One day I will wake up and say: ENOUGH!! But that day has not come yet!! LOL!! Ok, now back to work! Peace and Love to all of you and I want to hear from you all! I always e-mail back!!
God bless
UR Pro
Vicki Nix


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