Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NOV. 7th 2007

I promised you more blogs and here I am again!! Updates: My friend jen who has breast cancer finished her last chemo! She goes to NY on NOV. 28th to have surgery to remove both her breasts and she still maintains a GREAT positive attitude, she is afraid of being "UNDER" but I have a good feeling about her choice to remove Both and that things will be just fine. My other good friend Lori who went through chemo and radiation is doing MUCH better, she still has some bad days here and there..but all and all shes feeling stronger and making progress, shes able to get back into the gym and do her cardio sessions again and I KNOW that will help her BIG TIME, mentally and physically!I am SO proud of both of these women, they are my Hero's. As far as my first time in an off-season in over 5 yrs...things are GREAT!!! I am enjoying my Photography class every Sat. and taking as many photo's as I can during the week to learn more and get more hands on.Lori has helped me several times with my computer Photo shop software...thats where you can create some really Beautiful photo's with what you have already taken. You can make an ugly photo become breath taking in photo shop.As far as my training goes: I am still lifting as heavy as I can and dealing with the knee issue, I know that will Never go away, so I deal with it and I am happy that I can now do free weights with it...nothing crazy like in the past...but at least I can add some weights now. I went from 600lb leg press to 250lb leg press:( But, I will do my best to maintain all my years of hard work. I have a WPW magazine that I was in in 2004 and if anyone wants a signed copy I have about 500 copies!! They are 15.00 each and there is a great article with pics inside as well as a Picture of me on the cover.
My members site will be filling up with ALL NEW 2007 photo shoots from my 2 Pro shows and I think you will really like what you see! I will be adding NEVER seen before OFF-SEASON pics soon, I have never let any photographer shoot me in my off-season this will be a BIG deal to me!! LOL! Hope you all enjoy your Holidays and I will keep you posted on mine.
Love & peace
Vicki Nixon
By the way...I was on Montel Williams last Friday with Nicole Bass, Colette Nelson and Sheri Owens ...not sure when it will air, so keep an eye out for it!!


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