Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oct. 16th 2007

Hey everyone!
I blogged u a nice long one yesterday and somehow it got deleted!!! So...here I go again...Soo here we are already into Oct.! Fall is here in NJ, the trees are starting to turn and drop their leaves, the days have been sunny and warm still for Oct. for which I am very happy about! I love this time of year, its not to hot in the day and Great cool temps at night for sleeping:) Since I finished my last contest in june I have been rehabing my knee and I just finished Rehab last week. I can now use free weights and I am so glad about that, but I will NEVER be able to go heavy again since both my knees are Bone On Bone. I am just thankful to be able to put off the knee replacement, I am still to young for that! My husband and I are enjoying our off-season, we finally got to go out on our Harleys last weekend!! We did a Charity run and had a blast with another couple (friend) who did the run with us, u can see their pics in my Free gallery. Lori had never been on a motorcycle before, so it was a special day for all of us! Lori has ben thru so much this pasyt year, she had cancer and went thru chemo and radiation and is now in remmission! The treatments shut down her thyroid which has left her weak and struggling again! The Drs put her on new meds to help with that, but each day is still very hard on her, shes a Super women for sure! We also took her to see a few comedians a few weeks ago which was awesome! We all laughed so hard for 2 hrs straight:) Lori and my hubby went with me last Friday to get another tatoo!! I will post pics of that soon in my free gallery as well:) As far as my other little friend/client Jen she has breast cancer at only 24 yrs old!! She just had her LADT chemo yesterday!! Shes doing well, and we are VERY excited to see her get through this and start training her for another Figure show! Theres pics of Jen on my site also. Sunday we did a breast cancer walk and there were over 5,000 people and we raised about a half a million dollors!!! Great day for sure! Please keep BOTH of these amazing ladies in your Prayers!! They both started out as my fitness clients and turned into GREAT friends and they are my Hero's!! Look for more info on them in upcoming blogs:) Well, I Hope u all are having a great year and please keep those e-mails coming!! I will post more blogs and more pics in my free gallery this fall and over the Holidays of my friends and family too. MY DVD is still in the works!! Oh, by the way...my photography class is a third of the way done and I am LOVING IT!! Its hard, but I needed a New challenge after I was done my shows this year to keep me on my toes! As afr as my lifting goes: I am still in the gym 5 days a week..still lifting heavy with the upper body and doing my BEST to saty in great shape! I am on Cams 3 to 4 nights a week still and hope u can join me there soon. Herbiceps & Ftultra.
Your Pro BB


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