Thursday, September 06, 2007

SEPT. 6th 2007

Happy Sept. everyone!!Its my favorite month! Sept. 13th is my birthday too! Fall is here and its been a FAST year! Where did the time go? I wanted to update u on a few things...My sweet little figure girl Jen has had her 4th chemo and is doing GREAT!!! Things are going in a good direction for her and I am so very thankful! We saw her a few weeks ago and she looked amazing!She is still just a beautiful as ever and her spirit is soaring!! Thank God! Stay strong sweet Jen , u have lots to do after this is over and I WILL be right by your side!
As for me and my Off-season...its WONDERFUL! We just went to watch the North Americans in Cleveland Ohio, what a show!! Over 300 awesome bodies competing!! My friend Dave Pulicinella won the Masters! He looked amazing!! It was great to hang out with him afterwards:) We are going to be at the Atlantic City Pro show next weekend to support my Pro lady friends too! As most of you know, I was supposed to do that show and had knee surgery which took me out for the rest of the year. I still say I am retiring until things CHANGE for the better in female BB:( I love the sport, but hate the direction its been going. But, u never know what may happen in the coming yrs! My DVD is going to editing now and the final video will be out sometime next year... I CANT wait to see the Finished DVD!!!!!!!! Well, before u know it Christmas will be here and we will be in Hilton Head SC with my family again. ENJOY your weekend and keep those E-mails coming!


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