Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18th 2007

Wow, sorry its been so long since my last blog, so many thngs have happened since my last show in NY ..the jan Tana Classic. I have to say: I was hear broken to take the 4th place position..there was only 4 ladies:( Anyway I KNOW that I was in the Best shape of my 23 years in BB and I can take that to the bank:) Since that show on June 23, many things have changed my of my dear clients/friends was told she had breast age 24!! I was very blessed to have been training her for several months for her FIRST figure show.She wanted to do 2 shows, one as a warm up & then hit her State Show ( the Delaware East Coast Classic which has gotten pretty big each year it grows.That show is a National qualifier as well.Well let me say this: in all my 23 years as a trainer, I have Never had such a Perfect client! Jen was always bright eyed and eager to learn..she would do anything it took to get into contest shape...shes a Class act all the way.Never complains, always upbeat and Full of energy.When she told me they had found a lump in her breast & wanted to remove it...we were not really concerned at that time, they removed it and she went on to do her first figure show and took 2nd place in a deep class and almost took 1st! I was and still am so very Proud of Jen.Let me tell you, My husband also helped me with Jen from the start..he has a Great eye for what looks good and hes such a sweetie to boot, it nice to have a male point of view, we have both judged several shows in the past.Long story short, Jen came to posing practice with her little bandage on and again had NO complaints about what she was going through, as we prepared her for the Next show. Well several days later I got a phone call and she told me the bad news, she had cancer, I was and still am in sweet, perfect beautiful figure girl was about to go through the hardest time of her life. I wont go into detail about what shes going through..u can ONLY imagine..BUT after chemo # 3 she STILL remains Positive, strong and Upbeat! She still is walking on her treadmill and eating clean foods. She is a Winner in every respect and she will get through this, she Will be onstage again & she Will kick butt! Please say a prayer for Our friend Jen and look for her to hit the stage again in the future! Thats only one thing that has happened since June, I have so much to tell you & will in my next few blogs. I promise to Blog more often and keep up more updated. Love you all and thank you for all the support you have given me..u are my Rocks and My Sunshine.. God bless you!
Your Pro
Vicki Nix


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