Saturday, June 17, 2006

June 17th 2005

Well here it is already 10 weeks out from my 3rd pro show!! The Europa in Texas again! Its all one weight class this year!! YIKES!!! No good:( But, its going to be great to be onstage again with the best women BB's in the world!! I have survived yet another TUFF week from hell! My lower back where the 2 disks are herniated decided that it was going to give out on me again!! Last Frida I could hardly walk when I got out of bed:( And I had to do LEGS!! Well, as I was doing my 30 reps on the leg press machine my lower back kept locking up with terrible muscle spams!! Needless to say: I did an entire leg workout like that!! Long story short, by Monday I decided I had better go to the pain management Doc again, so he saw me on Wed. and gave me an epidural ...which did not do anything right 12 noon I coud not walk, sit or: do anything but scream with pain....I called him and he said to take some pain meds to enable me to go back to the gym to train my clients that evening...well its been over a week today & I am able to walk and sit with very little pain...but when I wake up & get out of bed...LOOK OUT!! My back freaks out for an hour or so untill i have moved around enough to get to the gym and do my thing. I just Hope & Pray that this year gets better!! I have to get thru Sept. until I can take off time. I am determined to do my Pro shows in August & Sept. If it kills me!! LOL! All through this pain meds withdrawels and lower back going out I have been working with my friend & video man on my DVD Documentary about my life in & out of Bodybuilding...behind the scenes so to speak:) He has captured me on video dropping to the ground in back pain and lots of other intresting situations...this Video is going to Kick ass!! It will be out for sale tis time next year...I will keep you all posted!! Its a MUST see for sure!! Thanks for all your e-mails & support!! Without my fans & friends I would not be so driven & determined:)) Its going to be a VERY intresting year IN FEMALE bODYBUILDING FOR SURE!!Lets hope the changes they have been talking about for yrs will start to happen!! Lets hear it for the little girls!! They have been telling us to "Downsize" for yrs now...lets see what they do with their judging!! Say some prayers for me!! I have to make you all proud this year!! This maybe my last year onstage!!
God bless you all,
Vicki xxo


At July 20, 2006 at 7:12 PM, Blogger marinewife said...

Hey Aunt Vic!!!

What is your email address??? I tried to email you through your site but I am unable to. I have some questions for you...and Uncle Brian, but I can email him at his work email.


At July 22, 2006 at 3:33 PM, Blogger Vicki said...

What are your questions? I will forward them to Vicki.She is Very busy with work & training for her Pro shows. You can e-mail her at your last e-mails may have gotten deleted, she gets so many a day.
Thank you,
Vicki's Webmaster


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