Saturday, April 22, 2006

April 22

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that I am back!! The last 4 weeks were really scary, but I have made it through! I have seen several Doctors since my last "Journal" and they are all surprised at how well I am doing:) I still have high blood pressure & shake a lot, but all & all I am 98% back to my old self:) I only missed one week of gym time! I made my shaky self go to the gym and do whatever I could do to make sure I was keeping my hard earned muscle & my sanity!! LOL! Nothing will stop me from getting on the stage this fall!! I sent my IFBB contracts in and I am 100% commited! I have many photo shoots lined up this year, so there will be MANY awesome updates for my "Members Gallery"!! :) TomNine & I will be shooting a 3 hr. shoot with video clips for you all to see!! Hes an awesome guy & a great photographer to boot!! It looks like the contest this year will be MUCH harder than last year, they have decided to make it ONE weight class!! YIKESSS! That means that I will be the smallest up there, the only Pro that I know of that is a little smaller than me is: Carla Sclotti..not sure of that spelling? She is a tad lighter than matter what I will have a great time on stage:) As far a s my injuries go: I am getting epidurals in my neck for the 2 blown disks there, and my lower back is hanging in there:)So, even with 4 blown disks in my spine I WILL Deliver the best shape ever!! That I know for sure!! Thank all of you for your supportive e-mails, you have made me feel stronger & even more determined to kick butt this year!! Thank you!!
Peace & Love to you all:)
Vicki Nix xxxooo


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