Saturday, November 12, 2005

November 12th

Hi everyone!! Its been a while since my last blog,time is going by so quickly!! Since I am now in my off-season I have been lifting heavier with lower reps, trying to add some size overall. My goal for next year is to have a bit more size, especially in my legs. Because of my 2 herniated disks in my lower back I have to be VERY careful!! That is the main reason I have such a hard time adding over all size to my legs, I think if I can bring up my hamstrings I will look more balanced:)I just got my IFBB Pro show list in the mail and it looks like I will be doing the New Pro show in Atlantic City NJ!!! It will be held on Sept. 22nd & 23rd!!I am soooo happy to see a Pro show so close to my home!! It will be only 1 hr. drive!! Plus, Atlantic City is such a fun place to be as well,right on the beach in Sept.I cant wait to hit the stage again! Last year was a Dream come true for me! To finally stand on the Pro stage with ladies that I had admired for years!! Now that I will have a show close to home I am hoping to see my friends and personal fitness clients out in the audience...that will be such a GREAT help. I love hearing & seeing people I know out there!! It makes such a HUGE differance!!! I want to thank all my fans again for sending me e-mails and chatting with me on the webcams!!! You get me through everyday with your kind words and support!!! I can't do it without all of you!! You are what its All about!!! Please feel free to e-mail me anythime!! I love hearing from you all. Please stop in to & and chat with me! You can just check the performer calander and see when I will be on, I have soooo much fun chatting & posing with my fans:)) I have tons of new pictures and some video clips going onto my Members Site now from this past years shows!! I had 5 great photo shoots this past year and they will All be posted in my Members site, so please join up to see what I have done in 2005!! I promise to come back in 2006 better than ever!! God Bless you all & know that you are what keeps me going!!!
I love to hear from you, so PLEASE keep those e-mails coming!!
Love & Hugs,
Vicki Nix


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