Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oct 11 2006

Well everyone, its been one heck of a year! I did 2 Pro shows and made the prgress on my body that I had wanted to. I just didnt place as high as I had hoped with the better body:( At this level I have decided that: its not about where I place anymore...its that I made it! I stand up there with the same ladies that I have admired for years. i get to become freinds with them and support them as well. It's got to be enough for me just know that I hve made it to the Pro stage:)) Thank all of you for your e-mails and support on my Journey! Without my fans, there would be no reason to push so hard, knowing that you are all behind me makes it worth it! I will continue to perform on the webcams through this year and HOPE to get an ARNOLD invite!! Keep me posted on how you are aLL DOING! lOOK FOR many Members updates this coming year, I di over 20 photo shoots and there will be some amazing stuff in my Members Gallery!!
I am about 3 lbs out from contest weight and my plan is to stay as tight as I can just in case I get the ARNOLD invite:)) If not, my plans are to do the Jan Tana!! Yes, rumors are she is bringing it back!!! Just no date as of yet.
Until next time..
Love & Peace
Vicki Nix :))


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