Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July 26th

Hi all! Its now almost 7 weeks until my Pro show!!! I have butterflys already!! I am sooo excited about these shows! I have done over 25 shows in my life and I have NEVER felt like this!! My routine is 100% complete and I love it!!! I had a friend who teaches dance here in Pennsville help me make it just right! Thank you sooo much Heather!! Her and her beautiful daughter gave me a cute good luck bear and a nice card. They are 2 very special ladies! My mom & Dad will be at the Charlotte Pro show, but Texas is to far. I will have my hubby with me everywhere!! He is always right by my side for Everything I do!! He has been working full time as a police officer and preparing all our meals!! He is my ANGEL! Without him I dont think I would have the energy to do what I have to do!! Thank you Brian!! I love you sooo! And all my fans out there who have been sending me e-mails!! You keep me going!!! Until next time...Take care & Stay well!!
xxoo Vick


At July 28, 2005 at 8:58 PM, Blogger jennifer said...

Hey viki i dont know how i found your post. I love monica brant and it brought up you. Im trying to get into shape for fame next year Im at 22% bf but thats on my titina scale. I weigh about 135-140 it ranges. So anyways. Im giving myself 5 months to get any unwanted fat off. and six months to bust my buns to get into shape. My husband thinks its cool i want to do this. hes supporting me also. His family is obese so i think thats why. well good luck in your show. I wish you the best. Ill come back soon!


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