Saturday, June 18, 2005

June 18th

Well Hello everyone! Its a sunny beautiful day outside and its Sat. I am off from lifting today. Just wanted to fill you in on a few new projects that I have going!! First off, I met Mike from and he is one cool guy!! He came to my house and set up a WEBCAM!!! Yes, I will be going LIVE soon!!! I will fill you in on details when its up and running! You will be able to log on and chat with me and ask me to pose for you will be VERY up close & personal, I am very excited about it!! And I will be a regular on, so please check out my Profile and upcoming video clips!! You will be able to purchase clips and pics on my website soon!! Now about my contest prep....I am right on target, my weight is at 121.6 this morning and I am still feeling pretty strong in the gym, sometimes as we bodybuilders "Diet Down" we start to lose strength, but so far so good!! My trainer Kim Oddo has me taking all kinds of supplements to help keep that from happening. I am up to about 26 pills a day!! Well its time for me to get some things done around here, oh by the way.....I did get my posing suits ordered!! They are going to be awesome! Now its time to start my posing routine!! I will feel 100% more relaxed when I get that done so that I will have the next 2 months to practice. Please keep those e-mails coming!!! They LIFT me up :) Keep checking back for the upcoming news!!
In Health,
Peace & Love,
Vick :)


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